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Theme III: Specialized & Support Staff (9wk)




“CATCH” students being healthy! Distribute Caught You Being Healthy cards (English/Spanish). 

Some ideas…
  • Send cards (English/Spanish) home in the mail/email.
  • Include the names and photos of children “caught” being healthy in your school’s newsletter.
  • Post (at least) one picture or video of a Home Team member engaged in a healthy behavior. Use #CATCHhometeam.



Work with Parent Leaders to recognize Parent CATCH MVPs. 

Some ideas...
  • Create a bulletin board thanking parents for their support and involvement in CATCH efforts.
  • “CATCH” parents being healthy and post pictures of them practicing healthy habits on a bulletin board.



Coordinate with the CATCH Team to support a CATCH Family Fun Event

Some ideas...
  • Volunteer to assist with organizing or staffing the event - work on the set-up or clean-up crew, staff a booth, etc.
  • Art Teachers: create promotional posters for the event.



Commit to one small change to improve your own health and wellness. Small steps eventually lead to a big difference.


  • Eating an additional fruit or vegetable each day. Work toward five servings per day.
  • Reducing sedentary activity by eliminating 30 minutes of TV watching per day.
  • Walking with co-workers before, during or after school.




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