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Inside/Outside - #52-53



Inside/Outside - #52-53
Section: Classroom Management Activities
Equipment: 4 cones
Skill Theme(s): Spatial awareness; following directions; locomotor skills; where the body moves



  1. Place one cone at each corner of the activity area. No lines are used in this game.
  2. Children are lined up around the perimeter of the room.


  1. Children learn to stay inside or outside the cones depending on the directions or activity.
  2. Have the children start by parading around the cones. Challenge them to move in various ways such as hands up, hands on knees, high on toes, etc.
  3. After a 2-3 challenges give the command to “mingle, mingle” inside the cones. Challenge them to move in various ways such as like a bird, a duck, driving a car, etc.
  4. After 2-3 challenges give the command to “parade around” outside the cones. Repeat until the children show understanding that the cones represent the lines or boundaries for different activities.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. You may need to place additional cones in between the four corner cones and gradually remove them until you only have one at each corner.
  2. Move the cones in or out to change the boundaries during the game.
  3. Use the cones to change the shape of the boundaries into a circle or triangle.

Adapted Ideas:

  1. Children who use mobility devices may participate with their devices. If the child cannot keep pace with the line, he may participate to the side of the line for safety. Walking or another locomotor skill may be substituted if appropriate.
  2. A child who uses a wheelchair may participate by performing the locomotor skill with their hands while an adult assistant pushes his chair.
  3. Children with visual impairments may participate with a sighted guide. Verbal explanation and physical assistance may be needed for teaching purposes.
  4. Children with auditory impairments will require modeling for success. Sign language and/or pictures may be used for clearer communication.


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