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Parade Around - #38-39



Parade Around - #38-39
Equipment: 4 cones, vinyl tape (inside activity areas), chalk or spray paint (outside activity areas), and CATCH Me Movin', CATCH Me Groovin' music CD
Skill Theme(s): Walking in a line; self-space; following directions


  1. Inside: Tape lines in a square or rectangle around the perimeter of the floor. Place a cone inside each corner. 
  2. Outside (blacktop): Use chalk to mark a square or rectangle around the perimeter or the area. Place a cone inside each corner. 
  3. Outside (grass): Spray paint lines on the grass. Place a cone inside each corner. 


  1. Greet the children at the door (soft voice) and ask them to follow the line that you have designated as the perimeter of the activity space. 
  2. Children must stay in line, cannot pass others, and should not run into or touch the child in front of them. 
  3. While the children are parading around the room talk to them about: 
  • Staying behind the person who is in front of them. 
  • Not touching the person who is in front of them as they walk. 
  • Try to keep a "bubble of space" between their stomach and the back of the person in front of them. 
  • Do not step on the feet of the person in front of them. 
  • Always look forward at the person ahead of them, so they do not bump into them or get lost.
  • Talk to the children about how the line is parading around the cones.  

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Remember to keep your voice soft and non-threatening. 
  2. Walk next to the children and show them how big the empty space or "bubble" needs to be by using your hands or holding a ball in between each child as he passes. 
  3. Give positive feedback to children who are following directions. 
  4. Add quiet and calm music after they start to show understanding of the directions for walking in a line. Try "Peace" (track #22), "Calm" (track #23), or "Relax" (track #24) from the CATCH Me Movin', CATCH Me Groovin' music CD.

Adapted Ideas:

  1. Children who use mobility devices may participate with their devices. If the child cannot keep pace with the line, he may participate to the side of the line for safety.
  2. Children with visual impairments may participate with a sighted guide. Verbal explanation and physical assistance may be needed. 
  3. Children with auditory impairments will require modeling for success. Sign language and/or pictures may be used for clearer communication. 


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