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Quick Cardio Games

Quick Cardio Games are short 5-9 minute activities requiring little or no equipment designed to provide “instant activity” and a quick instructional transition following the lesson’s warm-up activity.

10-Second Fitness - #23

Students perform various fitness activities for ten seconds each.

2, 4, 6, 8 Everybody Participate - #24

On signal, students run to a designated number of lines, and do a corresponding number of jumping jacks.

Blob - #25

A game of cumulative tag. 

Diagonal Dash - #26

Students walk or jog around a circle, and on signal, run through the circle to the opposite side and back.

Elbow Tag - #28

On signal, students who are "It" try to tag the others. Students are temporarily safe by linking elbows with their classmates.

Fitness Tag - #29

When students are tagged, they perform the fitness component/exercise assigned to that tagger at the designated exercise space, and then rejoin the game.

Pit Stop Relay - #30

Students complete the course of a designated track. 

Impact Intervals - #31

Students complete a variety of exercises in 30 second cycles.

Meet Me in the Middle - #32

Students run to meet a partner at a center line and do an activity together.Video icon

Movement Changes - #33

Students walk between cones, switching locomotor movements at each.

Outta Here - #34

Students play a game of tag, with hoops serving as safety zones.

Pass It On - #35

Students perform a designated exercise, and then "pass it on" to the next group.

Random Running - #36

Students run in random directions while avoiding others, and then perform jumping jacks on signal.

Team Run & Jump - #37

Students alternate between running in a circle formation in teams, and doing a designated fitness activity.

Traffic Jam - #38

Students are in relay lines and take turns running to increasingly further cones.

Triangle Tag - #39

A rotating game of tag.Video icon

Two-Square Locomotion - #40

One group walks around outer square while the second group skips, jogs, gallops, or runs around the inner square.

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