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Limber Letters - #168



Limber Letters - #168
Section: Go Fitness: Limber Limbs - Stretching Activities 
Equipment: Mats for groups of 3-4 or carpet squares for each student
Skill Theme(s): Non-manipulative skills (twisting, balancing, stretching, turning, curling)
Movement Concept(s): Effort (slow, light, free flow); relationships (with people: matching, in unison; of body parts: round, narrow, wide, symmetrical)


  1. Students are in groups of 3-4, each group on a gymnastics mat (if available), or students are scattered each with a carpet square.


  1. Write individual alphabet letters on the board, post them on a wall, or hold up signs displaying the letters.
  2. Instruct students to stretch, curl, bend, balance twist, etc., their bodies in the shape of the letter.
  3. Hold the letter for 4-5 seconds and display another.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Students can make some letters standing up, others might require students to lie on the carpet square/mat.
  2. Display both upper case and lower case letters.
  3. Remind students that stretching warm-ups require gentle, light, and sustained movements.

Now Try This:

  1. Alphabet Soup – The activity area is the soup bowl. Half the class makes a letter of their choice. The other half “swims” (gallops, jogs, skips) around the soup bowl identifying as many letters as possible.
  2. Have students spell simple words, i.e., run, cat, hop, etc.
  3. Group students together and have each student make one letter of a word. Challenge students to see how many different words their groups can create. Groups share their words and see if other groups can read the word.


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