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Stunt Double Tag - #111



Stunt Double Tag - #111
Section: Go Fitness: Tag You're It! - Aerobic Games
Equipment: Cones to designate activity area, scarves/pinnies to identify “Its”
Skill Theme(s): Traveling, chasing, fleeing, & dodging
Movement Concept(s): Force (fast, sudden); spatial awareness (direction, pathways); relationships (with people)


  1. Students work with a partner.
  2. Select one-fourth of the pairs to be “Its” and give each pair a scarf/pinnie.
  3. Remaining pairs are scattered in a designated activity area.


  1. On signal, “Its” attempt to tag other pairs.
  2. Pairs (including “Its”) that break their hand grip or fall down must stop and do 5 jumping jacks before they can rejoin hands. “Its” are allowed to tag pairs doing jumping jacks.
  3. Tagged pairs report to the perimeter of the activity area and must perform a partner stunt before returning to the game.

Teaching Suggestions:

  1. Demonstrate and/or post the various partner stunts before beginning the activity.
  2. Have students hold a scarf or fabric strip instead of holding hands.
  3. Change “Its” every 2-3 minutes, and have students work with a variety of partners.

Now Try This:

  1. Make Stunt Double Cards and scatter them around the perimeter of the gym. Tagged students must go to a new area and do a different partner stunt each time they are tagged.


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