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CATCH My Breath High School

CATCH My Breath is a program that will help your students build knowledge and skills to resist media influences and peer pressure to try E-cigarettes. It was designed to be delivered by teachers, nurses, or school counselors, in the area of health education, tobacco education, physical education, or science.

The CATCH My Breath program materials include: teacher training and materials, policy guides, parent resources, evaluation tools, peer group facilitator guides, classroom sessions, a PE Supplement and an option to purchase signage. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].  

Introductory Community Presentation

State, regional and local tobacco educators who are interested in sharing CATCH My Breath and the current E-Cigarette situation with their community (SHACs, schools, etc) may request the presentation here.

PE Supplement

If you are teaching CATCH My Breath in the gym during Physical Education, see the PE Supplement section below for active games to reinforce the CATCH My Breath learning objectives.


We are excited to announce a partnership with CVS Health to bring CATCH My Breath to middle schools and high schools nationwide free of charge! Click here to read the announcement.

Program Overview

Information about classroom sessions, curriculum goals and rationale, scope & sequence, standards, and acknowledgements.

Parent Resources

Resources for parents, including a parent handout, letter (to be sent home at the beginning of the program), videos, fact sheets, and more.


A 3-part video training for educators implementing CATCH My Breath (27 minutes, total).

Session 0: Getting Ready to Start the Program

Selecting and training Peer Group Facilitators.

Session 1: Consequences of E-cigarette Use

Students will describe the health hazards and negative consequences associated with E-cigarette use.

Session 2: Making Our Own Choices

Students will discover that nonsmokers are the majority, analyze how nicotine addiction would affect their personal identity/goals, identify reasons teens may use E-cigarettes and identify positive alternatives to using E-cigarettes.

Session 3: Don't Let Them Lie and Win

Students will analyze advertising methods and develop a social media project that addresses misconceptions and promotes the benefits of being E-cigarette-free.

Session 4: Your Life. Your Choice.

Students will examine the role of flavor in E-cigarettes, demonstrate refusal skills, present their social media project, and make a personal goal regarding E-cigarette use.

Teacher 411: Educator Resources

Background information on E-cigarettes with resources for teachers / tobacco educators who will be implementing CATCH My Breath. Includes policy templates, infographics, social media, and toolkits. 

Evaluation Tools

Optional quizzes for each session, student pre-and post-survey, survey templates and teacher feedback survey.

Intercom Announcements

Announcements to be used during Red Ribbon Week or other tobacco awareness events.


For further tobacco prevention: ASPIRE is an evidence-based, youth-oriented tobacco prevention curriculum developed by researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

PE Supplement

A Physical Education Supplement for CATCH My Breath that is designed to be taught in the gym.


A series of three posters to be used to reinforce messaging. 

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