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Grade 4 Classroom Curriculum - Taking Off

A classroom curriculum continuing the adventures of Hearty Heart and his friends. Health topics such as energy balance, added sugars, and food advertising as well as other activities reinforce the skills needed to eat healthy and be physically active.

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Lesson 1: Ready - Set - GO for Health

Students will identify characters from the third grade CATCH Program and review the health concepts they represent.

Lesson 2: GO-SLOW-WHOA Foods

Studens will review the three categories of GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods.

Lesson 3: Physical Activity Means GO

Students will understand the concept of energy balance. 

Lesson 4: Fat Facts

Students will distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fats. 

Lesson 5: Take Out the Sugar!

Students will identify types of added sugars in foods and reasons that added sugars should be consumed in moderation. 

Lesson 6: So-o-o Much Sodium

Students will identify healthy and unhealthy amounts of sodium. 

Lesson 7: The "Whole" Truth About Foods

Students will distinguish between whole foods and processed foods. 

Lesson 8: Good Choices

Students will recognize the importance of choosing GO foods to keep their body in energy balance. 

Lesson 9: On Your Mark - Get Set - GO!

Students pantomime and identify GO activities. 

Lesson 10: Snack-vertising GO Foods

Students will identify advertising techniques for WHOA snack foods, and differentiate among GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods in advertisements for snacks. 

Lesson 11: WHOA Busters

Students will set a goal to change a health-related behavior: eat a GO snack instead of a WHOA snack. 

Lesson 12: Snacks for Party GO-ers

Students will practice planning healthful snacks for a party.

Lesson 13: Taking Off

Students will review the main ideas of the GO for Health: Taking Off program.

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