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Grade 5 Classroom Curriculum - Breaking Through Barriers

A classroom curriculum in which students apply their knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity to help them overcome barriers to a healthier lifestyle.

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Lesson 1: Let's Get GO-ing

Students act out and discuss a play that reviews health behaviors.

Lesson 2: Energy Balance and GO Eating

Students review the GO, SLOW, and WHOA food categories and the connection between energy balance and GO eating.

Lesson 3: GO-ing for FIT

Students will review the importance of physical activity and compare pulse with the level of intensity of physical activity.

Lesson 4: Choose Your Plate

Students will explore MyPlate to recognize that eating a variety of healthful foods in recommended amounts and doing physical activities will help their body stay in energy balance.

Lesson 5: Bag a GO Lunch

Students will set a goal to change a health-related behavior: eat the amount of food in one food group that is recommended by their MyPlate Daily Food Plan.

Lesson 6: A Very Important Meal

Students will recognize that eating breakfast is essential to good health. 

Lesson 7: Bright Ideas for Breakfast

Students will evaluate and modify breakfasts so that they include a variety of GO foods. 

Lesson 8: Plan of Action

Students will play an action game that reviews the concept of energy balance. 

Lesson 9: GO for Health Options

Students will practice making healthful decisions by applying four options they can use to overcome barriers to doing GO activities and eating GO foods. 

Lesson 10: Building Blocks

Students will analyze a problem that prevents people their age from being healthy and apply the GO for Health options to overcome barriers to a healthier lifestyle.

Lesson 11: Play Out the Options

Students will analyze a situation involving healthful eating and/or physical activity, apply the GO for Health Options, and prepare a role play about the situation. 

Lesson 12: Breaking Through Barriers

Students will review the barriers to healthful eating and physical activity discussed in Lesson 1 and plan specific ways to overcome them. 

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